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20th November 2005

2:02pm: dlya tebya...

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11th November 2005

8:56pm: ah so i was playing this zveri song and i was like, awesomest last line ever! So here
Последний поцелyй поpа бежать

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17th October 2005

6:40pm: The only thing good about that relationship was that I came out of it with a Jimi Hendrix CD. Though I lost my Nine inch nails, The Cure and Spin Doctors... Damn..

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4th October 2005

8:53pm: I’ve given up on social niceties...I threw ‘em out when I threw out your keys

Ahh, I am so happy with living. I don't care anymore. It's a good feeling. Today I watched part of Kissing Jessica Stein on Oxygen because my favorite actor was on it.
I hate updating this thing. So re all of Julie's posts about how she's disappointed with everyone: Guys, do whatever you want. That's cool, I don't think any less of you. I won't care if I don't hear about it. Have fun. Um, underclassmen, dress however you want, but don't think that you're better than anyone else. Julie: don't think that you're better than anyone else either. I love you, but you can't act high and mighty just because you're a senior. I love you all.
Haha, no one even reads this.

So I have one myspace friend now. That is pretty awesome because it is the awesomest myspace friend ever. I hate myspace. I never look at it. I don't know why I have one. Oh yeah, because of Bernadette and Marilyn.

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21st September 2005

9:53pm: Vodka

?? Which Alcoholic Drink Are You ??
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20th September 2005

Which Sex and the City Player Are You? Find out @ She's Crafty

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19th September 2005

8:58pm: how is one supposed to say anything significant or interesting in an essay of "no more than 300 words"?!!
I thought keeping it under 500 was hard. This is insane! Agh.

I need a reach school. All of mine are safeties.

I also need to stop thinking about college!!!!

We all need a break. Unfortunately, the year is only just getting started.
It better be worth it.

I need some cookies like Cordelia. (Daaaaamn!)

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16th September 2005

6:33pm: You're so cute when you're slurring your speech
but they're closing the bar and they want us to leave.

Yay. That particular scholarship application is done. Oh but now I have National Merit and U of I. But, I can't think about that now because I have a weekend of partying ahead of me. I am not even kidding. This is gonna be awesome. Just like summer. Just like...summer.... only better. Haha. It's so cold. I am so excited. I am only a little upset because I kind of want to go to the dance simply for the lounge being open. However, I will survive. I'm sure it will be hot, sweaty and gross for the simple reason that it is a hallway dance. But I hope you guys have fun/arehavingfun/havehadfun.

For those of you wondering about the icon (i.e. to Ayesha only) I recently decided that a sad face should be my trademark (in life, not just lj). Then I was writing the lyrics of a really good song by a really good Russian band with a really hott front man. Haha, the lyrics are really stupid tho. They mean something, "Goodbye, my happiness"
So the icon is cool.

On the night you left I came over,
And we peeled the freckles from our shoulders.

I hate the VH1 music countdown, because the majority of the music is annoying and I hate it. The rest of it is still annoying, but I find myself liking it. I wish that I was not so lazy that I could walk into the other room and turn it off.


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15th September 2005

10:23pm: You're so cute when you're slurring your speech!
OMG. what a great week for television. I mean gilmore girls premiere! AHh!! So Xciting. I was so happy he said yes, I mean he almost had to say yes, but it was still such a wonderful moment in my life when he did. I guess that it wasn't really my life... I guess that it was in Lorelei Gilmore's life... But still I love LUke. I don't care how pathetic I am.
Next The OC. So much drama, yes I know it's a soap opera. Thank you for rubbing it in my face for the tenth time, mother... But I love SUmmer. She's so cool. Also the music was pretty top-notch this week. New Death Cab AND New Franz Ferdinand.
Someday you will be loved.... And the memories of me will seem more like bad dreams. Just a series of blurs like I never occurred...
That is such a hopeful line. Hahaha.
I should really be finishing my scholarship essay... And my last journal.. Oh shit. I have 2 more to write. Ahh. I should not be here! Tomorrow will be crazy fun. You will see. I will see. I will overcome.


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12th September 2005

8:53pm: i got bruises on my knuckles from a lady dressed in black
Yeah, so college. I have been applying. It's ok... Madeleine says I have nice skin. Ah, So there is this new CD at our house . it is called Plans by Death Cab, and it is amazing. The first time I listened to it I didn't like it because it was boring. But now, Sigh, i dont know. I just love it. Especially I Will Follow You Into The Dark. Haha, it's about death and catholic school. I like it because I like death. Haha because I am depressed. That is why I don't hit Cordelia anymore. "It's a vicious feedback cycle."
I also got Kanye West CD. It is not as good as College Dropout (prolly because the CD is so fricking amurrrzing). It is still pretty good... I like The Testifyin' song the best. It just makes me feel good. So I love music. Um. I have not read my english reading yet. which is bad because we had a reading quiz today. Yeah, you think I would be able to take a hint from that. Oh well. College is more important. I love marilyn and I want her to go to college with me.
OH no. I have German homework. I hope we dont have math to do for tomorrow. HAHA. I am so stupid.
Does anyone have a quote from any source that has personal significance to me? You don't have to explain why. I can do that for myself.
OK so long and goodnight.
Current Mood: cheerful

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10th September 2005

Your Daddy Is Mike Tyson

What You Call Him: Dada

Why You Love Him: He's your sugar daddy

Madeleine got the new death cab cd last night and my mom says, "This looks dark. Who's Cutie?"
Oh dear. I had a really gross dream last night. I don't think I should talk about it because it was Sooooo gross. I am stressing about college because my voice teacher has ruined my plans. Now I have to choose between singing and Russian. It is so terrible and I told madeleine and she commented on how I only have this problem because I have un-normal interests. That made me feel better, oddly enough. Tonight I will watch the OC. One where Julie Cooper (or Pooper, as Tom misheard once) is especially bitchy. Hehe. You know what I'm talking about. Oh. No you dont. Nevermind. I have so much homework/collegework to do. I will most certainly drown soon. Have a nice LIFE.

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7th September 2005

9:15pm: Omg, my life is cool again. So The 10th Kingdom my dad bought me online came today. Yeah, that was pretty awesome. Then madeleine showed me these awresome 10th Kingdom icons. Then I showed my littlest sister qwantz. It was pretty tight. So Madrigal auditions tomorrow. eek. And The beginning of the OC tomorrow. Hoorah! My dad thinks I'm on drugs. Merf will have a talk with him about teenage girls and moodiness. Ben Sims and I talked about his brother's college. My resume is... coming along. UM. I am tired and scared of the calc test. But I am soo excited about all the premieres of TV shows coming up. I wish I could write better. I wish I had something real to say. I want to be good at German because I want to be like Madeleine. But I can't speak right, because I can't speak not Russian. Which is good and bad. It is good because this way I will not lose my Russian accent. I need a life.

my lifeCollapse )

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2nd September 2005

11:00pm: Friend from math class: "why do you even have a livejournal?"
Me: "I dunno."
FFMC: "no one ever reads it. I mean amirah doesn't even read it."

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1st September 2005

8:55pm: Ahhhh, my mom took Tenth Kingdom back to the library. And I had actual homework tonight so I couldn't watch it. This is so sad. This is a tragedy. I will be dead until my personal copy of it arrives in the mail. That will be the happiest day of my life. So I guess I will go with my stupid Urbana friends to the football game. I guess I should have asked my parents... but it's prolly fine...
I like being civil to Davy. Then he is usually civil to me. Then I don't get upset with him, which is good because I don't like being upset.
I like being single, because you have so much time to do lots of stuff you couldn't do when you had to talk for hours on the phone at night. Like my homework for example. Haha. Anyway, this is a good thing.
I like school, even if I'm pretty lonely. It just means I have to talk to boys more often. And most of the times they are a lot funnier than girls. But I still like my friends who are girls. I hate flutes who are out of tune.
I think I should make a list of all the things I like and don't like in life. Also I think that Julie should do the 24 Reasons and 1 Confession thing about the girls when she gets done with the boys. It is fun to guess who they are, because I read them all before, but don't remember all of what they say. OK
I hope the animals in the zoos in New Orleans are not dead. I love crosswords. I love you.
Goodnight, I loved you Guinevere.

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30th August 2005

6:40pm: Ah, I am 10th kingdom crazed. I just keep watching my favorite parts, while also doing my calc homework. Don't throw things at me, but I am actually finding the calculus fun. I mean I started working on it during Physics today because Physics has been so boring. When I'm not watching my favorite parts for the 16th time I am reading the book. I am so pathetic.
Ah, I have been being mean to Julie lately. I am sorry Julie. I just miss you, and... I don't know. School is getting less depressing, but I still miss all my friends all the time. Also there is a certain someone I want to hang out with this weekend, because I have not seen he/she/it in a week and half (?). Maybe he/she/it will be at the awesome football game I am planning to go to on Friday, altho I doubt it. Still, I hope to see this person soon.
I miss Russia. And I miss Russian class. All of my classes are so easy this year, I feel like such a bum.
At dinner last night my mom was like, "Emilia is taking her fifth language this year (German). She knows French, Latin Italian German and English."
And I was all, "AW, heck naw, You can't count English."
And she said, "Yes I certainly can."
So I thought about it and then said, "Well, I'm on my fifth, too!" (Russian, Latin, German, French, English)
Boo ya.

Anyway, in orchestra today I was like, "ammar, You wanna see a short skirt?"
And he said "Yeah!" And his eyes lit up. It was funny. But it didnt make up for the fact that I have lost both of my stand friends this year. It will stink.
So then I pointed out a subbie with an extremely short skirt that you could see up sometimes. Not that I was looking, it was just pretty obvious.

Oh well! Back to the 10th kingdom and calc...

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27th August 2005

9:48pm: My response to everything: Holy, holy holy crap.
Madeleine and I went to eat Sweetcorn, and then counted coins and then watched the 10th kingdom. Ahh, I love her. She is my best friend in my house.
Also she's a jerk.
Oh and crossword puzzles, and neighing at ponies, and sleeping in til 12, and FALL OUT boy.
I AM stupid.
Oh well.
I am working on my Minnesota accent.
Madeleine is an emoboy.
This has been said... so many times... actually only like 3.

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24th August 2005

8:43pm: *Sniffle* Today was school. And I have virtually no classes with friends. It makes me so sad.. And lonely. I do not know how I will survive the whole year when I am so upset already. Man, I thought Julie would call me. I would like to talk to her.
I have done 90% of my calculus homework for Friday and also the Physics for Friday. Urf.
Maybe I should get a hobby... Another one.
I sat on a bench in front of school today for like a minute and all the chalk came off on my skirt. And then it wouldn't come off my skirt because it was all yellow and pink. Urf.
It was so sad. In chorus today, Shruti was sick, and I had no one else to sit with. So I sat with some subbies helping them to sing.

I don't think I should complain anymore.. But Believe me, I have more to say.
So I'll try to smile some more. Keep my chin up....
I wish school had never started.

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21st August 2005


Name / Username:

Name Acronym Generator
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I don't want to go back to school. It means the end of fun. And the beginning of boring.

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1st August 2005


I leave today. And these were my thoughts from last night:
There are twelve hours, there's a day between us
You called to say you're sorry in your own way
There are oceans and waves and wires between us
And you called to say you're getting older

Sometimes, planes, they crash up in the sky
Sometimes, lonely hearts, they just get lonelier

How did you survive all those fires and floods?
How did you survive your insufferable friends?
It was the plough that broke the western plains
And it's just, my heart gets rejected by my veins

And sometimes, planes, they crash up in the sky
And sometimes, lonely hearts, they just get lonelier
And lonelier, and lonelier, and lonelier.
-Rilo Kiley, Wires and Waves

                        But I dunno anymore.  I'm excited.  I'm worried about getting presents for and postcards for everyone I want to... I hope people aren't hurt if they don't get anything.  I have no Ipod, which sucks but that's ok.  Haha, I had to test my Russian out last night when they called at 1:23.  It was sooooo crazy.  They needed the flight number, which my mom told me they already knew.  Oh dear.  I'm afraid.  But my hair is good...

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29th July 2005

12:12am: I am the poker champion. I rock. I beat everyone. In every type of poker. Hah.
I get angry. and jealous. and in like. Just like everyone else. I am excited about the 15 million things I will do tomorrow. I am not excited about taking all that money out of my bank account. But I'm sure it will be worth it. Yay. Ayesha is coming tomorrow. That will be good. But my day is so very planned out. I hope my dad doesnt get upset about me being so busy. Also I am worried that I cant go to the party on Saturday. I wish my mother would tell me when she is planning things so that I dont plan other things that conflict! Grr.
Oh well. I need a shower really bad. And a life... And to find my Ipod cord!
SO long and goodnight
Current Mood: thirsty

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28th July 2005

4:33pm: OMg. my finger realllllly hurts. what did i do?? maybe i'll go get a bandaid...
urg. so you know how i picked what college i am going to? Well Madeleine was like, "Tess! You can't just have one school!" And now I am angry because I think it is perfectly fine to do that. I mean, why can't they all just be happy for me? I was hopeless and I've found one that I'm really happy with. Grrr. I can't stand this whole college thing.
Oh does anyone know where Roberts is?
Um, so Julie and I went out today. I got shampoo and conditioner for the trip... and my hair. Anyway, So we went all sorts of places, and saw all sorts of people. Dark, white, tall, short, ones with teeth and ones with ice packs strapped around their heads. Heh. I am funny.
By the way, my finger feels better. Thanks for caring.
The OC is on tonight, but Hannah will be gone. So I have no one to watch it with.. So sad am I.
We will play cards tonight though, so that will be fun.
Yay Ayesha is coming tomorrow.
And I am leaving forever on Monday. (My info will be true for once!) So long, and goodnight.

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25th July 2005

10:18pm: i love andy milonakis. he is so effing hilarious. maybe we will marry... i dont know!
too much marriage running around.
i really need a haircut. my hair is so stupid and long. blegh. and so puffy. meaning dry and unmanagable. but it is soft.... it will probably
oh dear. i have not been writing in this. this window has been open for like 45 minutes with no progress being made... um... I am doing a crossword puzzle.
Call me 7663470 if you want to do something with me sometime soon. remember i am gone in a week.
sleep well, darlings.

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9:46pm: Oh man, I watched the Guru today, and now I am on an Indian music kick. It really makes one feel good. So alive and you just want to move. However, Emilia informed me while I was dancing that I am, in fact, white. I know this sounds stupid because there is only like one real song in the movie, but that was enough. I love that song (Chori Chori Gori Se). I think Madeleine is also getting annoyed from me singing all these songs. Oh well.
There is so much I have to do before I leave. So many people to see. Ahh, there will only be one week before school starts when I get back. I still have so much to think about before I begin my Senior year. Ahh, still takes some getting used to. Sigh.
I am tired. Have wonderful dreams, everyone.

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12:13am: Um, Julie told me to post. So here I go. Um no one ever posts anymore. I am so sad. Oh well.
I have so much to do this week. I am so scared about Russia. We got luggage today, and then I made a list of everything I need to bring. I don't know Russian, and I've never been abroad, and I am sooooo afraid of all the little things that could go wrong.
Omg, yesterday we saw March of the Penguins and it was sooooo cute. However, there were a few too many dead (baby) penguins, which was incredibly sad. All the little things that could go wrong....
Anyway I fixed my Ipod today. Which is goood because of my 8 and then subsequent 2 hour flights. Blegh. At least I will get those books read... or not.
I'm anxious.
That's a good way to put it. Deathly frightened, but also really effing excited.
I love to shower and to sleep. I've already done one, now I must do the other.
I love Full House.
Goodnight everyone.

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20th July 2005

11:18pm: Yay. I got out of my house tonight. And I partied. well not partied, per se, but it was good to get out and be with friends again. :)
Haha but my dad was like, when will you be back. And I said I dunno. And he said 11? And I said Grr. Him: 11-5? (no i dont know what that means) Me:... Fine.
Yeah, So for like the past week I've been lying around. And both today and yesterday I took naps, but today's was like 15 minutes long. Haha. I really need to find something to do with myself. I love Madeleine. I don't know why. I just like her. Maybe it's becurz she's my sister. Haha. Can you tell I have nothing to write about. So yeah, I'm sweaty. Yeah, I'm sleepy.
Did someone say shower and then bedtime? I think that was me.... Don't mind if i do.
Goodnight. Sweet dreams to you all.

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